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VCE Physics at Luna Park

Year 12 Physics Excursion 

Our Year 12 Physics students joined 200 other schools last term for the annual VCE Physics Day at Luna Park. VCE  Physics Days provide students with practical examples of some of the concepts covered in ‘Motion in one and two dimensions’ and ‘How fast can things go?’ for Unit 3 of the VCE Physics Study Design. Luna Park provides us with exclusive access to the Park where students utilise study materials with a program of enjoyable activities designed to engage and inform.

We followed a program where students rotated between rides collecting data. Students further extended their understanding of inertia, momentum, circular motion, vertical and horizontal motion, centripetal acceleration and force and much more! Students also got the opportunity to refine their data logging skills using various data loggers and sensors. 

Johanne ~

• What did you learn? – Got to experience how forces operate in a practical setting
• How was your experience? – Overall good experience and was enjoyable
• How it went? – Went well
• Did you find it helpful in understanding some or any concepts? – Yes, as we actually experienced forces that we discussed, such as centripetal force.
• Would you recommend it to others? - Yes
• Anything else you’d like to add?

Victoria ~
• What did you learn?
               Taking information learnt in class and applying it to theme park rides in the real world.
• How was your experience?
              It was fun and engaging, lots of excitement
• How it went?
              It went well, we worked together to gather data and support each other doing activities we
              wouldn’t normally do.
• Did you find it helpful in understanding some or any concepts?
              Yes, it put a clearer picture of how forces worked, particularly the swing ride
• Would you recommend it to others?
              Highly it is a bonding experience and learning experience. The class could connect more with
              each other and our teacher.
• Anything else you’d like to add?
              Physics is actually really fun to learn about.