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29 Jan

Welcome to the 2020 School Year

School starts this week; I am excited. School is sensational!

It’s not the buildings or sports fields that are exciting, it’s not the labs or classrooms, nor the pathways and playgrounds. All these places are lifeless until the students and staff return and revive the whole campus.

As I write this the teachers are coming back on campus. There’s been clearing, cleaning, painting and preparing going on throughout the places and spaces that will be hubs of life and learning.

Teachers are meeting; planning their approach, planning to be unified, planning to bring out excellence in their learners. Our teachers are passionate people with a deep respect for schooling and the learning process.

Our teachers look to their education-leaders; the Year Level Coordinators, Curriculum Advisors, and Faculty Team Leaders; experienced educators who now not only teach students, but who guide teachers in doing the same.

The Coordinators in turn look to their Department Heads. The Heads of Primary and Secondary, and the Head of Teaching and Learning. These are remarkable educators with rich teaching experience themselves, wonderfully equipped to lead their teams of coordinators and teachers.

All this experience and structure creates a sound, stable, steadfast foundation for your children’s learning. Parents choose this school for all sorts of reasons, and one of those reasons is the strength of the structure that our teachers and education-leaders provide.

May the Lord bless your entire family through 2020 as you partner with Melton Christian College staff.

David Gleeson