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22 Feb

First Days of School in Prep

Our Prep students have started the year with great excitement and enthusiasm! It is always wonderful to watch the new students grow, not only into their uniforms, but also into the learning environment that is school.

The first few weeks in Prep are all about settling students into the daily classroom routines. What happens at school needs to become predictable so that the children feel safe, supported and enjoy being here. Knowing what is expected of them and what happens throughout the day is really important for the children and their families. 

In early lessons we focus on developing active listening skills and following instructions, as well as developing fine motor skills. We provided numerous opportunities for the children to practice name writing and do many cutting and pasting crafts relating to the phonograms and numbers we are learning about.

During play times we focus on the development of social and interaction skills. Learning how to make new friends, negotiate and problem solve independently are important elements of play.

The first few weeks are always exhausting for the children, parents and teachers; however, it is also an extremely exciting time as we begin the formal education journey together.

Mrs Rachelle Grady, Prep Teacher.