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19 Nov

The Physics of Luna Park

Our Year 12 VCE Physics students were able to go on an excursion at Luna Park earlier in the year before restrictions were announced. 'Why Luna Park?', you may ask. Where else can you analyse such obvious examples of physics in action?

It was great day of learning and fun! Students enjoyed seeing the various things they have been learning in action and feeling the various g-forces on the rides!

“It was an enjoyable experience. We were able to experienc forces that we discussed in class, such as centripetal force. I recommend this excursion to others.”

- Johanne

“We were able to apply information learnt in class to theme park rides in the real world. If was fun and engaging, lots of excitement. The excursion went well, we worked together to gather data and support each other doing activities we wouldn’t normally do. It helped in understanding how forces work, particularly in the swing ride. I highly recommend this excursion as it is a bonding and learning experience for the class. The class could connect more with each other and our teacher. Physics is actually really fun to learn about!”

- Victoria