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07 Jun

Exploring Perseverance

Last month, our year 8 students participated in an exciting one night hiking trip in Anglesea. This camp runs each year, concentrating on the theme of perseverance. Our aim is for students to learn practical ways to develop reliance and support for each other.

Each homeroom spent two days hiking through Bells Beach, Iron Bark Basin and Anglesea Heath. The weather was beautiful, providing a great atmosphere for students and staff.

Despite the nerves, our students were well prepared and came with a great attitude as they took off on the morning of camp. It was quick stop at Bells before we began our 14km hike along the beautiful coastline. The hike provided many opportunities to explore nature, build friendships and talk about our theme on perseverance. There were students who soldiered on while others did a great job not giving up. Along the way, we witnessed examples of team work, with students supporting each other in times of need. One student offered to carry his friends bag to help him out for a while. Another student offered his spare shoes for a friend whose shoes were too wet to wear.

Students cooked their own dinner and had the experience of sleeping in tents, which for some was their first time. The next day was a shorter 5km walk, before lunch and our bus trip home. As a year level, we were proud of the way students behaved, their perseverance and care for each other - great experiences with lasting memories.

I found camp a challenge but a fun experience to be a part of!

I thought year 8 camp was great because I got to know people better and we were able to simply enjoy nature and all of the gorgeous scenery God has created.


Mr Barry Ibrahim

Year 8 Coordinator