student Booklist 2017

2017 Student Booklist

Our 2017 booklist for secondary students is now live. All purchases can be made online at Please read the important booklist information letter then select the booklist corresponding to the year level your child is enrolled in for 2017.

These booklists contain information on how to access the online component. Please take note of cut-off dates that are listed in order to qualify for free delivery and receive your items in time for next year.

These booklists only apply to secondary students. At the beginning of each year the College provides primary students with the required textbooks and stationery. This service is included in your fees.

Booklist information for 2017:

Important note for new students:

When purchasing eBooks online, an email address will be requested for each book. This email address is used to send codes and instructions to in order to access your eBooks. If you are newly enrolled and do not have an MCC email address, please leave this field blank. The College will provide Officemax with email addresses when they are created and you will receive your codes and instructions in January.


All year 7-10 students are required to use a managed iPad provided by the College. Please read the iPad payment information document for details on how to purchase for 2017.