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20 Sep

Letter to college community

  September 20, 2017 Dear Parents and other Members of our College Community, It is timely that I again write to you because our College has reappeared in the media. The VCAT finding regarding the uniform question has been released, and to put it simply, the College did not win the case. As I am sure you know the College has always intended to comply with legislation including any relating to discrimination. Obviously, we had thought that we were acting in accordance with the law, so of course we respect the VCAT finding. In practical terms, this means that we will have the opportunity to take part in what is called a ‘compulsory conference’. We don’t yet know the date for that conference. As I understand it, the purpose of this compulsory conference is that both the school and the family concerned seek a mutually constructive way forward. The conference will include a discussion as to what the school will be compelled to do in response to the finding. I am sure College parents know that we as a College did not initiate this matter going to court, nor have we ever initiated media coverage. I earnestly want

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Secondary Musical 2017

Melton Christian College presents: Beauty & the Beast Sessions: Wed 20th September: 7:30pm $20 Thu 21st September: 7:30pm $20 Fri 22nd September: 4pm matinee $15 Fri 22nd September: 7:30pm $20   To book e-mail ...

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