Melton Christian College welcomes your inquiries about enrolments. To apply for a place at MCC, read all about the College on this website; the Handbook is full of important information. Then complete an Expression of Interest form (see link below) and send it or deliver it to our Registrar Ms Liz Micallef (registrar@mcc.vic.edu.au) The steps for applying for a place at the College are printed below.


Step 1:   Complete the Expression of Interest Form.

Step 2:   All enquiries are carefully considered by the Principal and their team.

Step 3:   Selected submissions are then invited to make a formal Application for Enrolment.

Step 4:   Those applying for enrolment must read the (i) College Handbook, (ii) Enrolment Policy, (iii) Enrolment Terms and Conditions, and (iv) the Parent Code of Conduct all of which are available on the College website. They should then enquire directly with administration staff regarding any matter on which they are uncertain.

Step 5:   The formal Application for Enrolment, other relevant forms, children’s current reports, and the non-refundable application fee are then submitted to the College office.

Step 6:   Receipt of Application for Enrolment will be acknowledged in writing by the College Registrar.

Step 7:   An enrolment interview with the Principal or Head of School is then scheduled, parents and prospective students attend. The outcome of the enrolment interview will determine whether a place in the College will be offered. Availability of places is a determining factor therefore, some applicants may be allocated to a waiting list.

Step 8:   Notification regarding the outcome of the enrolment interview will be provided in writing; where places are available successful applicants will receive a Letter of Acceptance.

Step 9:   The Acceptance Form is then completed, signed and returned to the College office with a $500 deposit, within 14 days. It should be understood that this is a contractual agreement.

Step 10: All newly enrolled students are accepted on a one term probationary basis.


Please join us for a tour, or an Open Day, information night or school at work morning.